420 Leven Street is a two bedroom/1 bath rental house (with an additional room that can be used as a third bedroom, if desired) in Grimes, California.

Remodeled and expanded in 2003, the house includes central air conditioning, a modern kitchen, a laundry room, a dining room, two bedrooms with built in closets, ample storage space, and an extra room that can be used as a third bedroom/guest bedroom, home office, hobby and projects room, etc.).

In addition to the extra room, there is a "utility room" between the kitchen and laundry room that features a sink and long counter work space area (with a place to tuck in an office chair, if desired) that can also be used as an office, computer room, sewing or hobby room, home bar and pantry storage area, and so on.

The living room features hardwood floors, an automatic gas fireplace with remote control, and custom cabinetry.

The kitchen features granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, a gas range, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, and a wine refrigerator.

The bathroom features both a shower and a bathtub; and the laundry room includes a washer and dryer on the premises, as well as a counter over the appliances suitable for sorting, pre-treating, and folding clothes.

The exterior of the house features a large covered front porch area, as well as a narrow deck on the side of the house suitable for morning coffee, etc.  There is also a ridiculously large amount of storage in the form of multiple closets, cabinets, and drawers situated all throughout the house.

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Note these images are almost two years old, and the lawn, for instance, is considerably more filled in by now.



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About Grimes:

Grimes is located about 12 miles from either Arbuckle or Colusa, 20 miles from Williams, 25 miles from Yuba City, about 1 hour to either Chico or Sacramento, 30 miles to Woodland, 40 miles to Davis, and about 2 hours to San Francisco.  The rural farming community of Grimes is located right along the Sacramento River, and is home to Western Milling, the Grimes Boat Landing (with seasonal restaurant), Grand Island Elementary School, Grimes Community Church, a library, post office, Scout cabin, fire department, and Jack's Market (a grocery store with take out restaurant grill).  Grimes is also home to the famed Cecil Ranch, a private property placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 2004.

Grimes on a Map:

See Grimes on Google Maps here.

Ideal Tenants:

The house at 420 Leven Street is suitable for two adults, or two adults with one small child only (as the house shares a septic system with the house next door).  The elementary school (Grand Island Elementary School) is about 2.5 blocks down Leven Street, and students of high school age are bussed to Pierce High School in nearby Arbuckle.  The ideal tenants are quiet, considerate of others, and courteous--nothing too crazy, just old-fashioned common courtesy (which is what you'll get in return).  A single person, couple, or young couple with one small child is ideal for this property.


One dog and/or cat considered dependent on the animals' dispositions (no barking dogs, for instance, and dogs must be quiet and have a friendly disposition [all dogs bark occasionally, but if your dog barks incessantly, or you're the kind of person who doesn't tell your dog to stop after a couple barks, this is not the right situation for you]).


There is no garage space included, but tenants can park along Leven Street and pull up right outside the front doors with a dedicated parking area.  There is also room to park a car completely off the street at the edge of the property between the fence and the lawn.


$1,500 per month rent (a bargain for a two [or three] bedroom house with these kinds of included amenities, and easily doable for a two-income household, since I want tenants who enjoy the house and their lives in it, and who aren't struggling to meet their rent each month).  Compare to the price of a newer construction one bedroom apartment in even Woodland, let alone Sacramento, and it becomes clear this is a very special deal for very special tenants.  Tenants are responsible for their electricity (PG&E), and phone/Internet service (if desired).  Landlord pays for weekly garbage and recycling service already, and tenant is welcome to use these facilities for free as long as the amount of garbage/recycling generated doesn't become a problem.  Currently Landlord pays the water bill, however household water meters were installed in Grimes in 2020 or so, and once they're activated, Tenants will be responsible for their own water usage.

Lease Duration and Security Deposit:

420 Leven Street is generally rented out with a month-to-month lease after the first six months, and with 30 days (1 month) written notice required to end the lease by either Landlord or Tenant.  There is a security deposit of $1,200 due at move in.


    (415) 971-3199 (telephone between 9:00 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. only)